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5 tips to help you personalise your wedding!

Our great friends recently got engaged and when we started chatting about their plans for the wedding, they made such an interesting and relevant point. They said, “we just don’t want the wedding to become so out of hand that it doesn’t feel like ‘us’ anymore”.

To me, that is such a brilliant mindset to have and one that every bride and groom should approach their wedding planning with. At the end of the day, your wedding should be a personal, meaningful celebration of you as a couple and the love you share.




I’ve been very fortunate to work with some incredible couples who have made their wedding day unique to their personality and style. Here are 5 tips I have learnt through my experience in the wedding industry to help you personalise your wedding and make it truly ‘you’:


1) Don’t get caught up in the trends

These days, there are so many bridal magazines, blogs, expos and social media posts readily available to you to help you plan your special day. Not to mention the thousands of Pinterest boards! These are awesome sources of inspiration, but it can also be very easy to feel pressured/overwhelmed by the “trending” wedding styles and bridal looks that are heavily featured. For example, the “vintage wedding” has been a massive trend in the last couple of years – and if that suits your style and personality, great! Rock it! But if it isn’t ‘you’, don’t feel pressured to conform to it. Trends will come and go but a wedding that suits your personality and style will remain classic years later when you look back on the photos.


2) Choose a meaningful location

I believe the location you choose for your wedding should be a spot that is meaningful to you both, or suits you and your partners personality and interests.

Is there a spot you like to go together? Is there a place that reminds you of a special moment you’ve shared? Where did he pop the question?

Choosing a location that you both adore for your own reasons is such a simple way to ensure your wedding day is an expression of ‘you’.




3) Put thought into your ceremony

The song you walk down the aisle to, handwritten vows, readings by loved ones…there are so many ways to make your ceremony personal and special for you and your guests. Be sure to look around, do your research and find a celebrant that will match your ceremony vision, whether it be traditional or something more relaxed.




4) Consider DIY

Getting creative and adding small personal touches to the wedding decor is a fantastic way to guarantee your uniqueness shines through. Photo boards that tell the story of your journey together, DIY centrepieces or unique wedding favours for your guests are just a few of the endless possibilities!




5) Work with likeminded wedding suppliers

Choosing wedding suppliers that specialise in the style and approach that you visualise for your wedding day is very important. For example, when choosing a wedding photographer, be sure to look through their portfolio and familiarise yourself with their style. Its also a great idea to ask questions and learn more about how they approach a wedding day. For instance, if you are planning an easygoing and intimate day, choosing a photographer that brings along a whole studio setup for portraits is probably not going to work for you!  But my approach just might! 🙂





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